Monday, December 28, 2009

O what a Christmas

Three days after Christmas and I'm feeling great! I am relieved the craziness is done, yet as always, sad to see it go. :-[ 

I did many things: made gingerbread cookies (41 of those), celebrated my sister's birthday and a friend of mine's birthday the same day [had two small dinners, haha], packed and shopped for most of my Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve [haha, I know...], went to my sister's house 25 minutes away to do the grand celebrating with my family, then off to my boyfriend's family's house to celebrate them, then the day after we went to the Ga. mountains [2 hours away] and celebrated with my boyfriend's grandmother, uncle and aunt. I played chess the whole time, Came home and had a chick-fil-e night in front of the tv [watched home footage of our Disney trip], then got up early to head to church to be a camera worker, then choir singer, then home nurse to my mom that is a little ill. [I think she got what I had - whoops], then off to my boyfriend's aunt's house for lunch, came home to play Wii Resort [fun game yall, get it!!!], and then had a pizza night while watching Sound of Music/Transformers.

That was my whole weekend in a very small nutshell.