Friday, November 12, 2010

Unique Packaging

I'm always looking for new, creative ways to gift wrap. It never fails, when I'm in a crunch for time, that's when my best gift wrapping happens, yet I could do without the stress involved.... so I went to one of my favorite sites - I clicked on an appropriate tab, "holidays" and saw this heaven-sent article (with pictures!) --- 21 Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

So, by using these techniques, I don't have a ponder and search for materials to come up with a cool way to gift wrap. I hope these finding help YOU in your joyful season that is Christmas! 

Merry Christmas,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Worlds

I teach two Saturday morning art classes every weekend. The first class ranges from 2-3 years old. The second class is about 4-5/6. This past weekend, I was pretty proud of my second class. They made Little Worlds:

They started by tracing a circular paint palette as their Earth. Then, they took that same pencil and designed their own lands and boundaries. After that, they traced on top of their pencil etchings with a black marker. Next, they did the oceans. I explained to them the reason why the coasts were lighter and the further out the water gets darker. They got it and the outcome was pleasing to my eyes! After the ocean was done, we went onto the green lands. Here, the rules did not apply. They created their own shades and painted however the way they wanted to. I did, however, stress the fact that we didn't want perfectly straight lands, so I asked them to make wavy brush-strokes - and they did. ;-]

And lastly, my favorite, we painted the black universe and once it was semi-dry, we used glittery paint to represent all the magnificent stars!

So, how did they do?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Midpoint of Semester

Seeing that my last post happened on June 9th, I think its time for an update - don't ya think?

Well, I started my second semester of college! It's a tad tougher and more time-consuming but the Lord prevails even in the most difficult of situations. I'm really excited about fall and am about to go buy a gorgeous Christmas tree with my mother (it has snow on it!!! yay!). I am fully moved into my new home and enjoy it sooo very much. I pulled out my heater two days ago b/c I like to have my own climate in my room - I'm a cold-natured person, ha. Nathan, my love, is super busy at work (which is a real good thing) regardless of the economic struggle, he is prospering! I enjoy playing tennis now. About four days ago, I went to one of my favorite stores and found great bargains on super cute winter coats. The lady at the registered was puzzled as to why I'm buying winter coats and said, "coat shopping already? Wow, you're ahead of the game!." And of course I replied with, "I'm really excited about fall and winter!" My etsy shop is on hold and truly miss having it up and running. It was a wonderful feeling when I found out I sold something and had the wonderful opportunity to deliver it to that desired customer. Auuuhh, memories. I'll get it up and running again someday, but in a day that has no school! (maybe Christmas vacation...hmmm).

So, anyway. Glad to be back. I look forward to reading about all my followers' lives and such. Thanks for listening to my update - I appreciate you!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whoa, busy busy busy

Lately I've been super busy moving all my belongings, cleaning two houses, prepping for a week vacation and summer classes, as well as unknowing work hours... summer camps will be starting soon, so right now, I think I can blog!

Be back soon (still trying to get internet installation - please pray)

:-] Sarah

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over? Say it aint so.

So, its 3:41pm and I have to leave for my last class in 30 minutes. My hair is wet and I gotta pack clothes for the gym (afterwards). I got the news this morning that I'm exempt from taking a final (in English). Yay! I've never been exempt --- ever! Not because I never got A's .. mainly because its simply never happened. I realize NOW how important it is to work your tail off the whole semester, regardless of how dreary the mornings are or the long nights of studying and writing papers is. 
So, with having to leave shortly to go play "Review Jeopardy" in Human Communications, I sit here in peacefulness - thinking. I ponder on all the hours, the hand cramps, and the forced-focus during each class and say YIIIPPEE, I  CAN'T WAIT 'TIL AFTER TODAY!

3 finals O wait, 2 finals left!
  A for Awesome!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why, hello spring

Spring has its way of quietly saying hello. It greets us with a warm smile, sweet music, and colorful scenes. Napping outside begins in spring (which baffles me why I have never bought a hammock..hmm)
Along with the flowers and colors, I also find that many others celebrate spring in their own way: Like DonnaLeeJewelry, featuring these Rose Mallow Earrings.
Or like luxedeluxe with a brilliant Corrine, purple rose and turquoise necklace.  
These two crafters definitely have the spring feel goin'.
If its not jewelry you're going for, then take a gander at these cute barrettes by jewllori. She's got the picnic theme happening with those polkas! I just love them!
With birds being lively and flowers being friendly, I encourage you to take a walk and notice all the God things around you. These creations didn't "just" happen --> they all were meant for us to enjoy; for us to become inspired and for all of us to truly see the wonderful work the Lord has made.
Glad you stopped by to enjoy this great change in our world! Hello spring .. I welcome you!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cinderella, ella, ella

(check out these pics - 1. the modern-day Cinderella, 2. My birthday cake, 3. An inspirational wedding cake.)

Cinderella is by far my most favorite princess. I believe the reason for this is her life and mine are parallel.
The beginning of my life was not such an easy one. My family and I never had enough. I worked and worked just to get by. I delayed any further education b/c of my duty to work for my family. I never had a car of my own. I never would be able to go to any fancy, classy restaurant. For birthdays, my family couldn't afford a party, so we never had one. We couldn't afford many gifts either. All we could do was spend time, eating an ice cream cake and singing 'happy birthday.' It was nice, though. Times like those show character and I believe my family is the best.

Apart from all this doom and gloom tales... let me tell you of a great testimony. Today, I am currently enrolled in college (tuition free - and loving it!), I am shopping for a new car (any price I want, but you know me -- miss responsible, so I am finding a bargain.), I have the best man in the whole world to call my own (Nathan darling), I have a sweet, loving, giving family who stands up for one another, and above all this, I have a Savior who made a promise to a little girl..."I will take care of you... your labor is not in vain." He is right. He has taken care of me... and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's snowing again... yay

Snow, snow snow!
 I love the wonderful snow. Let's play out in the snow.
O no?! Why not in the snow?
Well, let's play in the rain.
O no?! Not in the rain?
Ok, let's play in the sludge..
o no? Not in the sludge?
Why not in the sludge, the rain, or the snow???

...Because, its not just snow, not just rain, and not just sludge... its all three, with is not a fun playtime for me!

[Dr. Suess - what an inspiration]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 days until the big 2-5

Three more days and I think, Woweee, how did my life zoom by like this?! I still feel 21, haha. I start to ponder on all the blessings I've received. I've had a rough first half of my 50 years, but wow, what a big turn around its been in the last 3-4 years. My Lord is great! Every time I needed the funds for a bill, a repair of some kind, or food on the table, He's responded swiftly with a donation or a job that miraculously appeared. He's a great father. I have had no father, so I'll take the best to replace the biological.

I have the BEST family in the whole world. They are all so smart, so giving, a lot more caring and loving than we were growing up (haha), and we get along so great - plus, they are all believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ, which makes me so joyous to know my family will continue on, with me, in the other realm -- Heaven. I have a superb boyfriend, with an awesome attachment of his family. Nathan (my baby) is such an intelligent man. He is the ultimate gentlemen -- always thinking of what he could do to help me. He puts his needs on the bottom and sacrifices his wants and desires for others. He's such an honest, trusting, and fun guy. I adore him. We have love; the true kind. The type that princess/prince storybooks are made of - and I got it! Hallelujah to my God. With Nathan's family, comes the other girlfriend (his bro's girl) which inevitably became my best gal pal. She's bright, caring, and fun to be around. She's not your typical drama girl (as I am not) so, we talk about the more substancial things (this is why I chose friends wisely ... cause I am just not interested in the drama, not one bit). Her name is Colbie -- like the chesse, which is awesome! :-] And, of course you have my boyfriends brother, Noah. He's a brilliant guy, who loves to point out how weird his girl and I talk. We understand eachother, yet he doesn't... I just don't get it... :) He's a great guy too. He's as musical as they come. He knows so much about so many instruments, etc...
So, I am having a moment of appreciation before I turn the big 2-5. I have lived such a full life. With more responsibility than expected, with more love than understood, and with more blessings than I deserve.

I love my Lord and My King. He's been so good to me. I await for His coming and grab as many as I can to go with me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sushi for lunch, yum.

Nathan and I often go out to lunch and enjoy an inexpensive meal. Though, this time, we both agreed on sushi for lunch. Something we've never done before and never understood why. The dilemma of this lunch date was "where?" We loooooooooooove this new Japanese steakhouse called Miyako, but its near me. It would clearly take Nate 45 minutes just to get over here. So, we pondered and Nathan shot out a suggestion => "how about Orient Express?!"  [this was the place of our first date - which happened to be on my 22nd birthday]

I, undoubtedly, agreed! When we arrived it was packed. I was first; Nate was close second. We dined and enjoyed every minute of it [minus the excessive wind blowing directly on me]. He order the Texas Roll [white rice] and I got the Millennium Roll [salmon on top]. Both were astounding and full-filling.

After that, I was assuming we were going to say goodbye, but surprisingly the meal didn't take too long so Nathan also suggested this new frozen yogurt placed called Yoforia. It's a self-serve, make your own frozen yogurt!!! The glee in my eyes was obvious. We paid for the amount we got. There's no rule -- you fill your cup up to the level desired. Fruit, candy, and chocolate toppings are at your disposal. When you're done, it's weighed and then you pay. Simple, right? Right! It was soooooooo yummy. [sorry, no personal pic of our creation]

So, what's the best sushi you've ever eaten? Where from?

Friday, January 29, 2010

O, where art thou valentines?

So, I'm obsessed with I always go there when I have a few moments to just relax. It's such helpful, organized, and insightful site ---> (three things that are sooooooo important to me).

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, please browse these  11 Love Quotes so that you and yours can enjoy a festive, happy, full of love day together.  [maybe even jot these quotes down and leave them somewhere unexpected *wink]

With that said, leave me some feedback. On what, you ask? Well, what type of flower you'd like to recieve on Vday, where you'd LOOOOVE to go on this great holiday, and what are the best words to hear on this day?

Three questions await to be answered, by YOU!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I gotta do it...

 This lady -ts.saks, here in Atlanta, is super talented. She offers a variety of cute (as any name brand) hand clutches, saks, hippacks, wallet clutches, ruffletts, and more. She is boomin' at the moment and am so thrilled about it.

Just go ahead and check this store out! It's worth your time, money, and everything in between. Buy now!!!

Gooooooo TS.SAKS!

I am a faithful buyer!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, I did it!

Today was my first day of college! Yep, you heard right...

MY first day!

I am a 25 year old freshman, hehe... and so proud of it. Just wanted to let my blog friends and fans know that yours truly has begun the college road and will tread victoriously on it. May our Lord bless you and your endeavors for Him.

I love yall! Have a super day, today. (I'll give you bits and pieces of my outstanding days during college)

Love, Sarah