Friday, February 12, 2010

Sushi for lunch, yum.

Nathan and I often go out to lunch and enjoy an inexpensive meal. Though, this time, we both agreed on sushi for lunch. Something we've never done before and never understood why. The dilemma of this lunch date was "where?" We loooooooooooove this new Japanese steakhouse called Miyako, but its near me. It would clearly take Nate 45 minutes just to get over here. So, we pondered and Nathan shot out a suggestion => "how about Orient Express?!"  [this was the place of our first date - which happened to be on my 22nd birthday]

I, undoubtedly, agreed! When we arrived it was packed. I was first; Nate was close second. We dined and enjoyed every minute of it [minus the excessive wind blowing directly on me]. He order the Texas Roll [white rice] and I got the Millennium Roll [salmon on top]. Both were astounding and full-filling.

After that, I was assuming we were going to say goodbye, but surprisingly the meal didn't take too long so Nathan also suggested this new frozen yogurt placed called Yoforia. It's a self-serve, make your own frozen yogurt!!! The glee in my eyes was obvious. We paid for the amount we got. There's no rule -- you fill your cup up to the level desired. Fruit, candy, and chocolate toppings are at your disposal. When you're done, it's weighed and then you pay. Simple, right? Right! It was soooooooo yummy. [sorry, no personal pic of our creation]

So, what's the best sushi you've ever eaten? Where from?


Laura Trevey said...

I had sushi yesterday! Yummm...

Have a bright, bold, and beautiful weekend!
xoxo Laura