Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Worlds

I teach two Saturday morning art classes every weekend. The first class ranges from 2-3 years old. The second class is about 4-5/6. This past weekend, I was pretty proud of my second class. They made Little Worlds:

They started by tracing a circular paint palette as their Earth. Then, they took that same pencil and designed their own lands and boundaries. After that, they traced on top of their pencil etchings with a black marker. Next, they did the oceans. I explained to them the reason why the coasts were lighter and the further out the water gets darker. They got it and the outcome was pleasing to my eyes! After the ocean was done, we went onto the green lands. Here, the rules did not apply. They created their own shades and painted however the way they wanted to. I did, however, stress the fact that we didn't want perfectly straight lands, so I asked them to make wavy brush-strokes - and they did. ;-]

And lastly, my favorite, we painted the black universe and once it was semi-dry, we used glittery paint to represent all the magnificent stars!

So, how did they do?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Midpoint of Semester

Seeing that my last post happened on June 9th, I think its time for an update - don't ya think?

Well, I started my second semester of college! It's a tad tougher and more time-consuming but the Lord prevails even in the most difficult of situations. I'm really excited about fall and am about to go buy a gorgeous Christmas tree with my mother (it has snow on it!!! yay!). I am fully moved into my new home and enjoy it sooo very much. I pulled out my heater two days ago b/c I like to have my own climate in my room - I'm a cold-natured person, ha. Nathan, my love, is super busy at work (which is a real good thing) regardless of the economic struggle, he is prospering! I enjoy playing tennis now. About four days ago, I went to one of my favorite stores and found great bargains on super cute winter coats. The lady at the registered was puzzled as to why I'm buying winter coats and said, "coat shopping already? Wow, you're ahead of the game!." And of course I replied with, "I'm really excited about fall and winter!" My etsy shop is on hold and truly miss having it up and running. It was a wonderful feeling when I found out I sold something and had the wonderful opportunity to deliver it to that desired customer. Auuuhh, memories. I'll get it up and running again someday, but in a day that has no school! (maybe Christmas vacation...hmmm).

So, anyway. Glad to be back. I look forward to reading about all my followers' lives and such. Thanks for listening to my update - I appreciate you!