Wednesday, July 24, 2013


One of my many favorite go-to movies
Lately, going to the movies becomes increasingly rare. Not because the actual event is unappealing, but rather that the movie choices are distasteful and non-motivating. What happened to positive, fun, and intellectual movies? Like "You've Got Mail?" Or maybe movies that resemble the intellectual comedy of the hysterical sitcom "Frasier?" These examples leave you with a positive impression of the world and a notion to live better. Movies should have an objective of bettering a person, not encouraging profanity, perversion, fear, or any other ungodly behavior. 

So, lesson learned: I'll save my money and stay at home and watch "You've Got Mail" over and over again.... hope the husband is okay with that.... :-]


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organization; my hidden obsession


I was recently asked, "what is your dream job?" My response was quickly, "teacher!" While this is true, I went home and discussed with my husband how I also have a REAL, DEEP passion for organizing.

My love for organization is quite funny: I take breaks from studying for school just to organize (or re-organize in some cases) old boxes or closet nooks - its a relaxing hobby indeed. I fiddle around with paper and purge all that is irrelevant very frequently. I'm constantly making my bed (sometimes at 8pm at night knowing that I'm just gonna get into it in 2/3 hours later). And, above all, being a newly married lady (2yrs in July), I've been fortunate to take on my husband's clothing and bill abundance and spend most of my time purging many items. (side note: my husband is not "unorganized" whatsoever -we're very alike in that regard - rather, he's always "saving." He takes precautions and I totally respect that and am inspired by that quality).

So, I confess, online, for all to see, my REAL HONEST PASSION to organize. I've never had the time to jump in one of my friends/families homes and organize an area, but it sounds like fun! My calling is to be a teacher, for sure. Children are a wondrous creation and being a primary teacher would be an honor. But, one the other hand, my hobby is organization (along with DIYing).

In the future, I'll be sharing some tips on what I do or have done to keep my life organized.