Friday, January 29, 2010

O, where art thou valentines?

So, I'm obsessed with I always go there when I have a few moments to just relax. It's such helpful, organized, and insightful site ---> (three things that are sooooooo important to me).

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, please browse these  11 Love Quotes so that you and yours can enjoy a festive, happy, full of love day together.  [maybe even jot these quotes down and leave them somewhere unexpected *wink]

With that said, leave me some feedback. On what, you ask? Well, what type of flower you'd like to recieve on Vday, where you'd LOOOOVE to go on this great holiday, and what are the best words to hear on this day?

Three questions await to be answered, by YOU!


cabin + cub said...

I'd love to receive a branch full of pink cherry blossoms on Valentine's Day.. although I don't think they are in season yet.. so I will settle for dahlias. ;)

Sarah said...

Awe, nice... there may be a pink cherry blossom miracle waiting for you cabin+cub.


Dionne said...

Hmmm... I have three favorite flowers:

Calla Lilies

I love Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

Oh, those sound lovely! Have a great Vday!