Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why, hello spring

Spring has its way of quietly saying hello. It greets us with a warm smile, sweet music, and colorful scenes. Napping outside begins in spring (which baffles me why I have never bought a hammock..hmm)
Along with the flowers and colors, I also find that many others celebrate spring in their own way: Like DonnaLeeJewelry, featuring these Rose Mallow Earrings.
Or like luxedeluxe with a brilliant Corrine, purple rose and turquoise necklace.  
These two crafters definitely have the spring feel goin'.
If its not jewelry you're going for, then take a gander at these cute barrettes by jewllori. She's got the picnic theme happening with those polkas! I just love them!
With birds being lively and flowers being friendly, I encourage you to take a walk and notice all the God things around you. These creations didn't "just" happen --> they all were meant for us to enjoy; for us to become inspired and for all of us to truly see the wonderful work the Lord has made.
Glad you stopped by to enjoy this great change in our world! Hello spring .. I welcome you!!