Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cinderella, ella, ella

(check out these pics - 1. the modern-day Cinderella, 2. My birthday cake, 3. An inspirational wedding cake.)

Cinderella is by far my most favorite princess. I believe the reason for this is her life and mine are parallel.
The beginning of my life was not such an easy one. My family and I never had enough. I worked and worked just to get by. I delayed any further education b/c of my duty to work for my family. I never had a car of my own. I never would be able to go to any fancy, classy restaurant. For birthdays, my family couldn't afford a party, so we never had one. We couldn't afford many gifts either. All we could do was spend time, eating an ice cream cake and singing 'happy birthday.' It was nice, though. Times like those show character and I believe my family is the best.

Apart from all this doom and gloom tales... let me tell you of a great testimony. Today, I am currently enrolled in college (tuition free - and loving it!), I am shopping for a new car (any price I want, but you know me -- miss responsible, so I am finding a bargain.), I have the best man in the whole world to call my own (Nathan darling), I have a sweet, loving, giving family who stands up for one another, and above all this, I have a Savior who made a promise to a little girl..."I will take care of you... your labor is not in vain." He is right. He has taken care of me... and for that, I am eternally grateful.