Monday, January 17, 2011

Guess who's engaged?!?!

It's me, its me! 

The awesome and handsome Nathan proposed a couple days after Thanksgiving. Yeah, I'm about 2 months late in telling the blog-world, but at least I told you! We'll be getting married later this year - haven't set a permanent date, but we're planning it fast and smoothly. I'll be heading to a bridal boutique (maybe Thursday) soooooon! I pray I find 'the one.' I was chatting with my fiance during lunch today and couldn't help but get gushy with him and tell him how excited I am to be his wife. To get flustered at almost 4 years together is quite a phenomenon. It's great to find another who lives like you live and loves what you love. We have so much fun together. A simple car ride is an adventure...

So, there you have it -- My Update! Thanks for reading. May our Lord bless you, abundantly.


PonderandStitch said...

Ohhh!! Congratulations! That is so wonderful- the ring is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

thank you! yes, he is definitely wonderful!