Friday, November 20, 2009

Who doesn't absolutely adore this place?

O what a world of wonder...

Our trip last year

Experience a Forever Memory Here!
...if you are a person who hasn't experience Disney World around Christmas time, I'm the one to tell you that it is a must/a goal/an aspiration in this life to do so. You will take in all the lights, all the shows, all the wonder from every corner of this magical place. It truly makes you feel like a kid in the most wonderful, magical land in the world!

I have had the privilege to have gone to Disney World around Christmas twice now and it is an experience that NEVER gets old, never gets repetitive, and never gets uninteresting. I always stand in wonder when I take my first glance on that glorious castle. The castle of dreams, I call it. A land that we all have dreamt of.

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Love in Jesus,